About Stay Wild Digital Marketing

Though Stay Wild Digital Marketing has worked with all types of clients over the years, we specifically strive to work with people who share our love for an active lifestyle and love of the outdoors. Being active people ourselves, it is our greatest joy to help other like-minded people succeed in their own business so they can live the way they want to live. 

Meet the Owners

Danny Lindsay - Co-owner Stay Wild Digital Marketing

Tim VanDerKamp

Co-Owner – Sales – Strategy – Yoga Teacher

Danny Lindsay

Co-Owner – Web Designer – Technology Director –  Geologist

We Decided One Day- If We “Have to work” Then Let’s Work With People Who Are Like Us – Those Who Share Their Passion For Living The “Free Life.” Then We All Win. They Get To Succeed At Business (And Stay In Business), And We Get To Do The Same, And Support People Like Ourselves.

Danny Lindsay riding his mountain bike in Fruita, Colorado
Danny biking in Colorado

We got together and started Stay Wild Digital Marketing so we could do our own work from anywhere in the world where we have an internet connection. We are outdoor people, and we wanted to be free to work from anywhere – office, Starbucks, on the road, or at the trail head parking lot. We also want to work with like minded people. Like most people – we have to work. So we figured, if we have to work, then we want to work with like minded people – Entrepreneurs who share a love for the outdoors, who NEED their marketing to succeed so they can live the way they want to live. 

Between the two of us, we have mountain biked in Moab, Grand Junction, Fruita, Sedona, Park City, Whistler, Keystone, North Star (near Tahoe), Snowshoe (West Virginia), Downieville (CA), Denver area, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Connecticut and many more places. But we aspire to ride around the world. 

We have mountain biked, road biked, surfed, skied, kayaked, hiked, fished, and camped, all over the United States. We just figured that if we “have to work” then let’s work with people who are like us. 

You Can Finally Hire a Digital Marketing Agency That Lives in Your World.

Tim VanDerKamp biking in Snowshoe.
Tim biking in Snowshoe
Tim VanDerKamp with Stay Wild Digital Marketing riding his bike in an Iron Man Challenge
Tim VanDerKamp Ironman Arizona
Danny Lindsay riding his mountain bike in Fruita, Colorado
Danny in Fruita, Colorado

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