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20 Ways To Market Your Ayurveda Clinic

There are a lot of options to think through when you are considering how to market your Ayurveda Clinic. But here are 20 Ways to Market Your Ayurveda Clinic we know work from our own experience.

20 Ways to Market Your Ayurveda Clinic

#1: Give Public Talks At Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Health and Wellness Events, and even at Churches

#2: Partner With A Local Yoga Studio and Be Their Go-to Person For Ayurveda

#3: Teach Ayurveda at a Local University

#4: Get On The Travel Retreat Teacher Circuit

#5: Write A Book and Self-Publish it On

#6: Make Sure You Are Listed on The Google Map, and Show Up On Top

#7: SEO – Make Sure You SEO your Ayurveda Website So You Show Up On Top of Google Organic Search Rankings

#8: Google Ads – This is Almost Completely Overlooked by Most Ayurveda Clinics, But It Is Inexpensive And Effective

#9: Email Marketing – We Like Email Marketing Much Better Than Social Media. After all – You Own Your Audience When You Do Email Marketing

#10: Podcasts – Become A Guest Lecturer On Podcasts

#11: PR – Write Articles For Local Papers or Regional Papers. They Are Always Looking For Something New and Interesting

#12: Youtube – Google Owns Youtube, and Every Word You Say on a Youtube Video is Searchable. Shoot Three Minute Ayurveda Youtube Videos

#13: Blogging – Everyone Should Be Blogging – if Only to Keep the Google Gods Happy

#14: Research and Publish: Do Research, Write, and Publish Your Research. All of the Ayurveda Associations Are Always Looking For Good Articles To Publish For Their Membership. But Submitting Articles Gives You Street Cred – Oh, and Google Loves Scholarly Papers That Answer Questions

#15: Create A Facebook Group – If You Have Something To Say Or Something to Discuss, Start and Moderate A Facebook Group

#16: Teachable – Create Your Own Online Video Course and Sell it On (highly recommend this platform) but you can also use Kajabi or Patreon To Get Your Courses Out There

#17: Facebook Ads – Like em or Hate ’em – Facebook Ads Are Inexpensive, and Can Work For Certain Services Like Ayurveda – Instagram Ads as well (Since Facebook Owns Instagram, You can Create One Ad, and Run on Both Platforms At The Same Time

#18: Network – The difference between networking and NOT working is sometimes hard discern. We recommend joining clubs locally that are within your own interests (think hiking, climbing, cycling, book clubs). Meet people who are like minded – they will buy your stuff before a stranger does – so don’t be such a stranger.

#19: Farmers Markets – O.K., we know this sounds out there, but we have met several ayurvedic practitioners who make a good living selling their stuff at regional farmers markets

#20: Instagram Audience – Different from Instagram Ads, there are people out there who have a ton of followers on Instagram, and even though it is owned by Facebook, it is not nearly as draconian yet.

Bonus: Here is something I get asked about a lot, and I do not suggest you bother with: Yelp Ads. I would not run Yelp ads. They are expensive, and I don’t like Yelp as a company. Plus if they even think you might run an ad, you will NEVER get rid of them.

Bonus #2: If you aren’t sure what to focus on, here are our suggestions in order of importance:

#1: Google Map Listing – Get on Top

#2: SEO – Be #1 when someone searches “ayurveda mytown”

#3: Google Ads – Inexpensive and I Know to Be Highly Effective

#4: Email marketing – You Should Be Constantly Growing Your List So You Can Re-market Forever to Those People

#5: Blogging/Article Writing/Vlogging – If you want to keep Google happy and be found above and beyond others out there in your field, you have to publish content either in words or in video. Pick the one you like, but pick one and become extremely consistent about your publishing.

Bonus #3: Read Our Digital Marketing Guide For Ayurveda Practitioners and do Everything it Says: Click Here

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 20 Ways To Market Your Ayurvedic Clinic. Our company, Stay Wild Digital Marketing can help you with all of this, or pieces of it. We design websites, perform SEO, set up Google Ads, and handle email marketing for Ayurveda Practitioners. We can do it all, or we can do some of it.



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