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“In Online Marketing, It Isn’t Good Enough To Be Great At What You Do. You need to be able to tell a story that is compelling. People Need to Be Able To Find That Story on Google. With All This Talk About “creating great content” – What Seems To Get Overlooked Is That Most Small Business Owners Don’t Like Writing, or Just Don’t Have Time To Do It. And Good Content, First And Foremost Is About Writing. Writing About Who You Are, What You Do, and How Good You Are At it, and why anyone should car.”  

– Tim VanDerKamp, Co-Founder of Stay Wild Digital Marketing

You Don't Want To Write Your Own Content – OR – You Are Simply Too Busy 

We get it. Back in school, what was the thing that everyone procrastinated on the most and gave everyone the most anxiety?  Writing papers right?  We know this from our years of experience. 

We remember those days – watching others were sweating buckets over trying to figure out how to write five double spaced pages about some topic. That wasn’t us. Our challenge was containing our ideas to a mere five pages. We could sit down right now and crank out five pages of content without much warning and with very little preparation. That is why we started offering our Content Development Service, because so many of our clients didn’t have enough content, or didn’t like writing it. So we started doing it for them.

So why not let us do it for you? We Are A Content Development Service Salt Lake City

The truth about digital marketing, and staying on top of Google is that you have to create good content. And you have to create a lot of it. People might be asking if this is true for small businesses. Actually, it is doubly true for small businesses. Why? Because if you create a lot of content as a small business, you have a much better chance of showing up in you local market than other businesses in your area. And, most small business owners – don’t put out much content.  

“We tell our clients that the MAIN secret to successful digital marketing is to P.H.D – Pile it Higher and Deeper!” 

That’s right. You need to Pile It Higher and Deeper!  

What is “it.” Content. Words. Videos. Blog posts. Info graphics. Newsletters. How to Guide’s. Etc.  

To keep Google happy, you need write about what you do, who you do it for, how what you do is helping people, what kind of problems your service solves, who is enjoying it, and why you are the best choice for that service. That is just the plain truth of it. Google rewards those who provide good information, for free, that is relevant to the service you provide, and is up to date, and provided by experts. How does Google reward you? By giving you that coveted top spot in search results. Using our Content Development Service helps put all of this to rest – we do it for you.

How Important Is That Top Spot on Google?

New studies are starting to show that people trust Google so much that they find the FIRST local company that shows up on Google who sells what they are looking for, and that is who they buy from. How do you get to the top of the page as a local company? Write tons of good content, update the content you have, and add new up to date content on a regular basis. 

Content Is King

Content Development Company

Content Development For SEO

When we started Stay Wild Digital Marketing, and began providing SEO Services, and Web Design, we quickly realized that most of our small business customers just didn’t have enough content to ever rank well on Google. We also quickly realized that they were too busy running their businesses to spend additional time writing. So we started developing their content for them and offered our Content Creation Service to All of Our Clients. We just did it. As we continued on our journey as a Digital Marketing Agency, we realized that we were telling everyone that “content is king” – but it didn’t matter if they didn’t have any, or were too busy, or like most people, just didn’t like writing. But we are good at writing, and generating content, so we just added this to our service, and quickly found that it became the #1 thing people needed from us. 

Imagine that – the #1 thing you need to do to rank well on Google is to write tons of content about your product or service, and the one thing people are LEAST likely to do is write. Kind of a drag right? But it doesn’t have to be. Hire us to do it for you. We are a Content Development Company. 

But we don’t just write words. If you need info-graphics designed, or blog posts designed, or web pages designed, e-mail newsletters designed, we do that too. 

Don’t have time to update your website, blog, or e-newsletter? You can hire us to do that for you as well. WE can take your content, or the content we create for you, design it, and load it up into your blog post platform, or e-newsletter platform. 

So if you know you are never going to get those blog posts written, or extra pages added to your website, just hire us. We will get your content written for you, and get it out there where both Google, and your customers can find it.  

Also – Just so you know, you are not alone. If you want to see just how daunting Content Creation is, here is an article that offers suggestions on How to Develop Great Content – It basically says that you need to become some kind of content production company. Well that’s great, if you don’t have a business to run. 

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“Information is only useful when it can be understood.” – Muriel Cooper

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