Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content is King...but good content is the true ruler.

You Can't Grow Your Business Without a Plan

Developing a content marketing strategy is more important than ever for SEO. You’ve undoubtedly heard that content is king, but unfortunately what most businesses do with this ideal is either just churn out never ending content that is mostly fluff (and of very little actual value), or they churn out content about anything and everything under the sun, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with their business, their products, or their services.

2 people strategizing on a laptop in the woods

Bad news – the most recent Google update will give favor to those who are consistent with their content:

Meaning, you must now be specific about what you do, build or offer…and your keywords need to match, and what you write about must be about what you do, build or offer, and who you link to needs to be relevant to what you do, build or offer, and who links to you needs to be related to what you do, build, or offer. And what’s more, Google is starting to figure out how to get their artificial intelligence to differentiate between high quality content and valueless fluffy nonsense, written almost entirely for the sake of “pile it higher and deeper” and make sure you lace it all up with our keywords.

Oh, you offer many different things/services that are not all specifically related to one another in any way? Got some bad news for you, you probably better start now getting your mind around building another website for that “other stuff” if you want your traffic to stay high. Google has decided what our culture decided a long time ago – that you cant’ be good at multiple things. Not good enough to be the best at anything anyway. Our marketing culture has believed this to be true for a long time. That is why there was Scion, Toyota, and Lexus instead of a cheap, mid-priced, and luxury Toyota. People don’t believe you can be good at two things, let alone three. Google has simply got fully onboard with what we already believe. They want to display the BEST results for people using that Google Search Bar. And now, to be the best, means you can’t talk about this, that, and the other thing. You are either going to crank out content about ONE THING, and nothing else, or you are going to be penalized. And this is going to become more intense as time passes, not less. We bet your Digital Marketing Agency didn’t tell you that yet did they?

So what does that have to do with us? We will review your current content marketing strategy, tell you what needs to be adjusted, and if you desire, help you adjust it. You want our help with the content production? We do that. But let us be clear. If you want us to create your content for you, you have to be ready for a fairly significant investment. The research, writing, videography, photography, etc required to produce really high quality content that is going to give your SEO a boost is not easy. It is time consuming, and extremely difficult. Just imagine trying to write articles and blog posts for you that are BETTER than anything else out there on the entire internet on your behalf. But that is exactly what we will do, if we are doing it for you. Otherwise, website with high DA scores aren’t going to pick up your article, and aren’t going to backlink to it, and Google isn’t going to give you any love for it. So yes, we offer this as a service. Just know that it isn’t cheap – because it isn’t easy any more.

But soon enough, that enthusiasm, wherever it came from, wears off, and everyone forgets about marketing again for a little while, and then the cycle starts over.

So, what do you say?