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Why You Should Be Use Our Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management Salt Lake City. Why should you use Google Ads Management – Because we know that we can put you directly in front of your potential customers at the PRECISE MOMENT they are looking for what you sell, and make sure you get noticed. But more than that, when you use Google Ads, You Gain Much More Control and Visibility Into Viewer Behavior. 

Using Google Ads Management Gives You The Ability to:

  • Write Copy That Sells – Versus Copy That Informs
  • Test Which Words Convert “lookers” to Customers The Best
  • Control What The User Sees When They Arrive At Your Landing Page
Not Sure At All What Google Ads Are – Here is An Article From Search Engine Journal
Google Ads Management Salt Lake City

Google Ads Give You The Ability To Write “Words That Sell” – You Cannot Do That With SEO 

One of the main reasons we focus on using Google Ads is because of the type of language we are able to use. with Google Ads. Sales copy “words that sell” always  do a MUCH BETTER job of attracting potential customers than what they will see from organic search results (SEO).  Let us show you an example so you understand what we are talking about.

Here is An Example of "Organic Search Results" - and What the End User Will See:

Pay Per Click Management - PPC Service

We typed “roofing company New Orleans” into the Google Search Bar, and this was the top organic result. Look at the words. Do you find these compelling? Does it tell you anything other than you’ve found a roofing company located in New Orleans? Do These words “sell?”

This is representative of what you will see in most organic listings as the result of your SEO efforts. And the truth is, there isn’t much anyone can do about it. It HAS to look this way, because of the SEO requirements imposed by Google. Google wants to show the end user lots of good INFORMATION when you do a Google search, not ads, and definitely not “sales copy.” This is a big problem for you, because sales copy SELLS, and information doesn’t.

Now Let’s Look at What Came Up in The Google Ads For the Exact Same Search:

Pay Per Click Management - PPC Service

Starting from the top of this Google Ad, right away you see something new: The Phone Number on Top. If this ad was executed properly (the way we would do it), the end user could click on that phone number, and it would instantly dial this roofing contractor – AND – that phone number would be 100% trackable, so you will know PRECISELY how many calls you got as the result of this Google Ad.

Next: Look at what is included in the ad as far as ad copy: Payments as low as $195/month! Lifetime Warranty!

Now look at the bottom of the ad: Financing – Free Estimate – Contact us…..and like the phone number, when someone clicks on one of these links, it is 100% trackable.

Do you see the difference between Pay Per Click versus SEO? We have total control over what the end user will see with regard to ads. We can utilize compelling headlines. We can tell them about pricing. We can announce a sale. You can’t do ANY of that with organic search results. Organic (SEO) results are ALWAYS going to be more like a news article.

Google Ads Management Salt Lake City

When you use Google Ads, you also have unlimited flexibility as far as what the end user will see when they click on the link. That is to say, you have 100% control over the content on the pages where the user “lands” when you use AdWords. This is not the case with SEO and organic search. Let us explain this to you a bit more so you are clear.

If you click on any link that shows up at the top of Google organically (because of SEO), one thing we can tell you for sure (being SEO experts ourselves), is that the link you click on WILL take you to a page that is mostly informational; Like a news article. We know this because to rank highly in organic search in the first place, you MUST provide lots of good quality content (information), otherwise Google Automatically ranks you lower. Don’t worry, we are going to show you a visual example of this if you keep scrolling.

But this is NOT true of Google Ads. Using our Google Ads Management Service, we have the flexibility to send people directly to a landing page that is 100% SALES oriented. Why? Because you paid for the right to do so. Let me show you two examples:

Here is a typical home page you may arrive at as a result of a good SEO effort:

We did a google search for the words: Solar Installers Near me – and clicked on the top ranked company in organic search. Here is where it took us:

SEO Versus Google Adwords

If you notice (above), there are charts and graphs and a LOT of information. That information is what helped this company rank highly in their search engine optimization. If we could have taken a screen shot of the entire page, you would see that below these charts and graphs are detailed (informational) explanations all about solar energy, and its benefits.

But do you see what is missing? There is no bold call to action with a compelling reason to leave your email or contact information so a sales rep can get in touch with you. What if I was already interested in solar and just wanted to speak to someone right away? If so, this landing page is actually working against your own best interest.

While reading all of that information (which again, helped you rank highly in the first place) there is A LOT of opportunity for this visitor to get bogged down in the details as they go on learning all about solar installation. By giving someone a ton of information to read, you are putting their head into what we call “the researcher” mode (as opposed to the BUY SOMETHING mode). And once in the “researcher mode” it is all too easy to go right on researching… by going off your site, back to Google, and doing more research…somewhere else…on someone else’s website.

Now Let Us Show You A Sales-Based Landing Page:

You can take prospective customers to a landing page like this, using Google Ads because you paid for the ad. One thing we can promise you…a web page like this one is NEVER going to show up in organic search. There isn’t any information on the page. But with Google Ads, we can send them straight to a sales-based landing page like the one below.

Landing Pages For Google Adwords

Notice there is NO initial information. No charts. No info-graphics. No long paragraphs to read. The ONLY thing a person can do initially when they get to a sales landing page like this, is type in their information to be contacted about their FREE Solar Estimate. It lets them know that as a Florida homeowner, they may qualify for no money down, and interest free financing. That is it! After that, they go straight to filling out a contact form, where this company will capture their email and information so they can market back (re-market) to them, and have the sales team contact them immediately. There is nothing to trigger “researcher mode.” 

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Using Google Ads (or other Pay Per Click Platforms like Facebook Ads) gives you Lots of options that you simply can't get from organic search. Now - This doesn't mean that we don't care about SEO. Far from it. Organic traffic driven by Search Engine Optimization will generally be where one third of your inbound business will come from. But search engine optimization just doesn't give you the freedom and flexibility to convert "searchers" into customers the way Google AdWords does. So if you are looking for help with Google AdWords in Salt Lake City, Utah or Tampa, Florida, please contact us.

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