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Do You Show Up On The Google Map?

Google My Business Management is One of the easiest, and yet most overlooked and underutilized “legs” of any digital marketing strategy. Google My Business was formerly known as Google Maps, and is still called Google Maps by most people. Your Google My Business listing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start driving sales in your local market. Any time someone searches for something like: “Fly Fishing Guides Near Me” – you want to make sure you show up on the Google Map in the listings category.. (Google Ads also show up in Google Maps now FYI). 

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Google My Business Management was one of our earliest services. As marketers, we were actually very surprised how many business owners had never bothered to claim their Google Maps listing. And of those who did, most of them paid very little attention to it. Like the rest of Google, you can’t just “set it and forget it” and expect to stay on top. There are actions you should be taking at least once per week, and actions you should be performing at least once per month for proper Google My Business Management. If you work with Stay Wild Digital Marketing, we keep you up to date on changes you need to make to your Google Maps Listing (Google My Business), and often check on our clients listing and send them reminders of the things we’ve taught them to do to make sure they keep showing up on top. The funny thing is – of the “Three Pillars” of Google Marketing, Google My Business is the easiest to set up, and in some cases, can be deployed even faster than Google Ads. If you need Google Ads Management Service, please Contact Us and Set Up A Consultation Right away. 

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