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How To Write SEO Content

How To Write SEO content seems to be one of the best kept secrets out there. I see lots of ads looking for content writers who know how to write SEO content. If you follow the tips above, you will be well on your way. At Stay Wild Digital Marketing, we focus heavily on writing good SEO content. We check for high traffic keywords, check Google trends, check competitors, and are always looking for ways to rank good quality content in the areas we are experts in (like SEO).

Here are some easy suggestions for How to Write SEO Content

#1: Do Keyword Research Before You Write. – Don’t write about things nobody is looking for.

#2: Put Your Keywords In The Main Title Heading: Don’t do your keyword research, find keywords that get a lot of traffic and then title your article something else. Make the title of your article or web page your main keywords.

#3: Make Sure Your Exact Keywords Show Up In Your Body Copy: Don’t deviate. If your keyword research came back “seo company salt lake city” – then make sure you put those EXACT keywords in your body copy – not “seo company in salt lake city or near salt lake city..” Use your precise keywords.

#4: Name Your Images and Alt-Image Tags With Your Keywords: Make sure you title your photos and alt-tags with your keywords

#5: Link To Other Websites That Support Your Content: When you are thinking about how to write for SEO, make sure you put at least one hyperlink in your text that links to a related article or source and makes sure that source supports your article. Pro-Tip – Don’t send people to your competitors

6: Link to At Least One Other Internal Page – Meaning, make sure you hyperlink to at least one other page on your website

#7: Write At Least 2,500 Words. We tell people that if they want their SEO Content to rank well, they need to do their P.H.D – Pile It Higher and Deeper. Short little 250 word articles are not going to cut it any more. Google wants to see expert content, and it is up to you to give it to them.

#8: Answer Questions for People – and Add Value – Google is primarily a questions answering box. Figure out what questions people are trying to get answered that your product or service can answer, and answer those questions, and answer it well, and completely.

#9: Publish Original Research – Most people are reluctant to do this, but this is good news. You can take advantage of their laziness. Google loves original research, and others will backlink to yours. Do and publish your original research

#10: Check Google Trends for Trending Topics: Why not look for trending hot topics and write about them to catch the wave. You might get lucky and find a trending topic you know all about and get the early traffic before a higher domain authority website gets ranked above you. And who knows – people might backlink to you first.

Follow the tips above and you will be well on your way toward writing awesome SEO content.

Here are some additional Tips from Neil Patel

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