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Increase Sales Using Google Ads – Pay Per Click

How to increase Your Sales Using Google Ads or Pay Per Click

Do you want to increase your sales? We thought you might. We wrote this because we know that if you are interested in marketing and advertising using Google Ads (AdWords), SEO, and Google My Business (Google Maps), there is a significant chance you want to increase your sales. 

Why is Google AdWords the PERFECT way to increase your sales? Well, first of all, when someone is online typing things into the Google Search Bar, you know something about them – that they have an INTEREST in what you sell. In old school sales training, they taught people the A.I.D.A model:  

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

If you are going to try to sell someone something cold, you first have to get their attention, and then their interest, which is hard. How many ad messages do people see per day now? Over 3,500? Every one of those ads is trying get people’s Attention, Interest, and Desire going. 

But when someone is already searching on Google, if you can get in front of them right then, you have a significant advantage over any other time. You already have their Attention and Interest, and perhaps their desire….now all you have to do is get them to take action…in this case by clicking on YOUR link, to go to YOUR website to buy the thing or service they were already looking for – from YOU!

Another reason using Google Ads is great for increasing your sales, is that when Google Ads are paired with Sales Funnels they can become the ultimate sales team. Each Google Ad becomes its own sales person. A sales person that never gets tired. Never takes a vacation. Never quits. Works on your behalf twenty four hours a day, every single day in a worldwide marketing place that never slows down. Your digital ads can be out there collecting customers on your behalf every single second.  

Why do we say that Google Ads become the ultimate sales team?

Because human sales people have some unavoidable issues to overcome. Beyond the fact that they can’t work at the same pace twenty four hours a day, there are things human sales reps have to do that are always going to cause sales fluctuations. Think about it – if you are a sales person, while you are busy cold calling, or networking, or emailing to find leads, you are not closing. And while you are having meetings trying to close the business you found earlier, you are not finding new leads…so you are always playing catch up, and your sales tend to go up and down. It will always be this way.

Just imagine all of your Google Ads out there on your behalf, bringing people to you all day, all night, in all weather, all over the world. No human sales force is ever going to be able to do that for you.  

How good are Google Ads for increasing your sales? Well, we can tell you that using Google Ads, we have actually had to TURN IT OFF in some cases because the client was being overwhelmed with appointments booking online. It works so well that a franchisee (restaurant industry) was turning in an average of $250,000 per year MORE in sales, than their peers by using Google Ads. It works so well that a roofing company went from not being able to keep all of their crews busy to receiving SIX HUNDRED inbound phone calls in one month after only three months of perfecting their Google Ads. It works well enough that last year businesses spent over one hundred BILLION dollars in Google Ads….and that was just last year. 

But will Google Ads work for YOU?

Yes, they will. Will it work for my industry? Yes, it will. In fact, the more obscure the product or service, the BETTER it works. One of the founders does the SEO for his wife’s Ayurveda Consultation Service website, and it keeps her as busy as she cares to be – busy enough to turn away work every week. Have you ever heard of Ayurveda? If Google Ads and SEO work for something as obscure as Ayurveda, whatever your product or service is, it will work for you.