Question: Is SEO Dead In 2021?

Short Answer – No It isn’t.

Long Answer – Are you kidding? People perform over five BILLION searches a day on Google. How is SEO Dead?

A friend sent me an article from Entrepreneur Magazine recently that said SEO is dead because of Googles future plans for Advertising ( This happens to me from time to time…friends who know I am “in the industry” e-mail me “click bait” articles foretelling the arrival of yet another digital marketing doomsday. One thing I ALWAYS notice about these articles: Number one, they are all based on whatever the most recent Google Update is, two…they are almost always an “opinion” based article from someone who “has been in the industry for a hundred thousand years” apparently (like this article from Entrepreneur).

So first, off, if you would actually like to read an article about SEO that contains some DATA instead of opinions, here is a good one from Neil Patel:

But Do You Know What These Google Updates ARE KILLING?

#1: The ability to be lazy and garner a top spot on Google.

#2: The ability to game the system and get the top spot on Google.

#3: The ability to get the top spot on Google by writing “puff piece” 250 word articles that:

– Are not entertaining

– Are not actionable

– Add no knowledge of value

So no, Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead. But what is dead, is the ability to put out mass quantities of garbage content and still get that coveted top spot on Google.

People never stop whining about how Google is making it harder to get that top spot. But why shouldn’t they? Google has NEVER made a secret about what they expect of us on our side as content producers. They expect us to add value and offer expert information. Period. The end.

And not only do tell us what they want…they will train you for free precisely how to do it. All you have to do is stop being lazy, and start doing what they tell you, and keep current.

You think Google doesn’t know how valuable that top organic search spot is? Why shouldn’t they make it a difficult (and therefore worthy) goal to achieve? Why should it be so easy to get on top of a pile of results that is guaranteed to make your business money if you get there?

At Stay Wild Digital Marketing, we LOVE these updates. You know why? Because it guarantees that the hard work we do is rewarded by making sure that the people who game the system can’t win. It ensures that if a company like Brendon Burchard’s ( spend a big pile of money to execute a research project, and then publishes articles about it, that they get rewarded for their effort, rather than getting beat out by people who make little to know effort and just crank out crap and stick it to the top of their blog to “cream” search results.

Neil Patel ( is at the top of organic search if you search Google for: Digital Marketing. Do you know how he does that? He cranks out content all day every day that is data driven, useful, accurate, and actionable. All day long he tells people what to do, and how to do it, and he is on top of Google among the very people who are all claim to be “google experts” and “google partners” and blah blah blah.

You would think the “experts” would take note of what the top dog is doing, and then start doing that themselves. But they don’t. It’s so much easier to complain and blame. The truth is, they were never really cutting it to begin with… and these Google Updates caught up to them.

Is SEO Worth it in 2021?

Yes – SEO is still worth it in 2021.

We think this is the better question than is SEO dead in 2021 would be – Is SEO still worth it in 2021? And the answer is, Yes, it is. In a recent Youtube Video, Neil Patel (the SEO king) said that if you are not in the top six search results on Google that you will only receive around 4% of the clicks from people searching for things you sell. People trust Google. If you are on the top of Google, people assume you belong there, and they tend to pick the first company they find and go with them.

We do think in 2021, Perhaps for the first time, people are starting to question wether it is “worth it” to put in the time, money, and creative energy to stay on top of Google. Let’s fact it, as we said before, it is getting harder every day as Google keeps making updates.


So is SEO Dead in 2021? No – it isn’t. Is SEO Still Worth it in 2021? Yes, it is.

People love to say that things are dead. Imagine how many people told the CEO of Zappos that the shoe industry was dead. They probably told him that it was too late to get into the “shoe game” fifty years ago, and it’s just plain dumb to do it now. I bet those same people wish they had gotten in on it when it was barely an idea.

Google is making SEO harder every day. There is no doubt about it; and I for one am glad. Digital Marketing has been the wild west for quite some time now. It has been too easy to get on top of Google for too long. Not any more. Soon enough you are going to see what happens to the people who don’t have drive, talent, discipline, and skill… they will disappear from the digital marketing game all together. Why? Because they won’t be able to achieve what their clients need…top SEO ranking. And on their way out the door, they will write articles about SEO being dead. The truth is, the game isn’t over. Not even close. What we are going to see is shake out that is going to reveal who the real pros of the digital marketing game are, and the amateurs who are great at “selling” digital marketing, but are only amateurs when it comes to pulling it getting their clients results. So don’t worry that all of your hard SEO work has gone by the wayside. SEO is not dead in 2021, and it isn’t ever going to be as long as Google owns 95% of all internet searches in the world.

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