You are currently viewing Marketing Mistakes New Ayurvedic Practitioners Make
Marketing Mistakes New Ayurvedic Practitioners Make

Marketing Mistakes New Ayurvedic Practitioners Make

Marketing Mistakes Ayurvedic Practitioners Make

Marketing Mistakes New Ayurvedic Practitioners Make

My wife is an Ayurvedic Doctor. Her Ayurvedic Practice has a waiting list. 

Literally, she is booked out for two months and people are on a waiting list. 

We are brand new to Salt Lake City Utah. We didn’t know anyone here. 

How did this happen? Google! 

As you can imagine, most of my wife’s friends are also Ayurvedic Practitioners. 

Here are the marketing mistakes I see new Ayurveda Practitioners make repeatedly - especially when they are new. 

#1: Not Setting Up Your Google Map Listing

#2: Not Making Sure You are #1 on Google Organic Search

#3: No Spending Money On Google Ads

Set Up Your Google Map

This sections is not instructions on how to do this. 

The instructions for setting up your Google Maps Listing for your Ayurveda Clinic can be found in our Complete Guide to Marketing for Ayurveda

The main thing you need to know is you need to do it. 

It is FREE! All you have to do is log in to: and follow the set up wizard. 

People are always searching on Google for things in their local area. Make sure they find you. 

PRO TIP – Once you set up your Google Maps Listing, make sure you get lots of reviews from your clients. People read reviews, and look for businesses other people have reviewed. 


Make Sure You Rank #1 on Google Organic Search

You need to make sure you rank #1 on Google whenever someone searches for “Ayurveda My City.”

Just so you know, the “organic listings” are right underneath the Map Listings on Google.  

Tip: People who don’t know you don’t search for you or your company name on Google They search for “ayurveda salt lake city utah” or “ayurveda los angeles.” 

The six spots on Google receive 85% of all Clicks. 

Of those 85% – the #1 spot receives 70%. 

Being “on the first page of Google” isn’t nearly good enough. 

You need that #1 Spot! 

How do you rank #1 on Google As An Ayurvedic Practitioner? You do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website. 

If you don’t know how, and chances are you don’t – you can read our Complete Guide to Marketing for Ayurveda Clinics and get step by step instructions on SEO for Ayurveda. 

My wife is #1 (and #2) on Google if you search: Ayurveda Salt Lake City. 

Her business has a waiting list. Does yours? 

Buy Google Ads

Ayurveda Practitioners should be buying Google Ads. 

My wife runs Google Ads. 

The California College of Ayurveda runs Google Ads. 

Joyful Belly runs Google Ads. 

Kerala Ayurveda Academy runs Google Ads. 

All of my Ayurveda Clients run Google Ads. 

You should be running Google Ads as well. 

My wife spends about $100 per month. Some of my clients spend $200, but nobody is spending more than that. 

You can learn more about Google Ads by going to our Complete Guide to Marketing for Ayurveda Clinics



Summary - Marketing Mistakes New
Ayurvedic Practitioners Make

The biggest marketing mistake new Ayurvedic Practitioners  is not taking advantage of Google. 

They often spend time posting to social media. 

They write email newsletters. 

They do public talks. 

But these are all “passive” marketing efforts. Meaning, you hope they bring you business over time. 

People are looking right now on Google for Ayurveda. 

They are interested NOW in Ayurveda. 

They want to read about Ayurveda right now, and are learning about it from someone else. 

The power of Google is that you KNOW that whomever is on there, is looking at that moment for exactly what you offer. 

You can’t say that about any other marketing vehicle. 

So use our Guide to help you, or you can hire us to do all of this for you, but do it. 

When my wife and I moved to Salt Lake City we were 100% depending on Google to bring us both business. 

And it does. My wife has a waiting list, and it is 100% because of me doing the things I talk about in this blog post for her. 

About the Author: 

Tim VanDerKamp is Co-Owner of Stay Wild Digital Marketing in Salt Lake City. They specialize in Website Design, SEO, and Google Ads Management. Many of their clients are Ayurveda Practitioners. 

Tim is a Yoga Teacher. Reiki Master. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, and avid outdoor enthusiast. 

You can contact Tim here: