How to Promote Your Ayurveda Business

Marketing For Ayurveda Clinics

Promote Your Ayurveda Business


You Have Invested So Much To Become An Ayurveda Practitioner – Why Not Invest A Little More To Become Successful? 

Tim VanDerKamp here! I am co-owner of Stay Wild Digital Marketing. My wife is a graduate of The California College of Ayurveda. I myself am a 350hr Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Trainer. But before all of that, I was an advertising executive, and also spent ten years coaching small business owners to help them succeed in their business. I have partnered with a good friend of mine to help Ayurveda Practitioners successfully promote their Ayurveda business so they can can live the life they intended to live when they began their Ayurvedic Training.

Did you know that 99% of Entrepreneurs who open a new business are no longer around after five years? Not only that, but half of them close within the first year. You can find these numbers on the Small Business Administration website. What you can’t find in those numbers is something I learned as a small business coach – of those who don’t fail within the first five years, many of them never truly succeed either. They are often cash strapped, and their income goes up and down wildly. Often they struggle on for decades, and never really achieve the kind of freedom they wanted when they began.

The secret to success is this: You need steady and predictable customers coming in all of the time. But how do you do that?

How To Promote Your Ayurveda Business or Ayurvedic Clinic

There Are Lots Of Different Potential Ways To Market Your Ayurveda Practice. But These Three Should Be First: 

#1 Search Engine Optimization
#2: Optimized Google Maps Listing
#3: Google Adwords
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My wife gets one or two new clients every single week – from Google.

Here Is Her Google Maps Listing Under: Ayurveda New Orleans:

This is the main way we promote her Ayurveda business on Google. She is on the #1 spot on the Google map, AND on The Search results below it.  Every day, people are searching for Ayurveda online, and they could be finding you instead of someone else. They are ALREADY looking for what YOU DO…why not make sure they find you first?

New studies show that more and more, people scroll down and find the first LOCAL business in their Google results, and that is who they buy from. Being at the bottom of page one, or on page two of search results is no longer good enough. People trust Google, and they figure if someone is in that top spot, there must be a good reason for it, and they go with them. Read more about Google Maps Marketing.

I have succeeded at placing my clients (and my wife) on the top spot in organic search 100% of the time. I am literally ten for ten. I suppose some day Google might change things and make that harder to accomplish, but if they do, I will pivot, and learn whatever it takes to get back on top, and get my clients back on top. To me, not being on top of Google is just silly. People are out there looking for Ayurvedic Practitioners right now. I would make sure they locate me first.

In fact, I tell ALL small business owners that until they are #1 on Google, and on the Google Map in their local area, they should not focus on anything else. Facebook and Social media marketing are great. Hosting live events are great. Holding public talks and seminars are great ways to market your Ayurveda Business. But let’s face it – they are a lot of work, and require constant effort. Meanwhile, there are a certain number of people twenty four hours a day who are on Google, and some of they are looking to learn about Ayurveda and get help with it from a well trained practitioner. Why would you not scoop those people up first?

You have spent a tremendous amount of time (and money) to educate yourself so you can be the best Ayurveda Practitioner you can be  and opening your Ayurvedic Clinic. But if you have to stop doing it to go get a  job because you aren’t getting enough business, then that isn’t so good. Every entrepreneur needs new clients coming in. Let us show you how to get to easy ones first.

We specialize in helping Ayurveda Practitioners Promote their Businesses online using SEO, Google Maps Optimization, and when we can, Google AdWords. Marketing for Ayurveda practices, doesn’t have to be complicated. It is more important to be consistent.

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