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  • We Are Local – Based in Salt Lake City 
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Salt Lake City Website Design: We design ecommerce websites, in Shopify, WordPress Websites, and Wix Websites (regular or ecommerce). 


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Salt Lake City Website Design
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We Are Local

Looking for Salt Lake City Website Design? Stay Wild Digital Marketing is based right here in Salt Lake City. We specialize in designing WordPress and Shopify ecommerce websites. 

We Are Responsive

Do you know what the MOST COMMON COMPLAINT about website design companies is? It’s that website design companies are “all about you and your business” when they are trying to sell you a website. But once you pay the initial invoice, they stop responding to phone calls and e-mails. We will NEVER do that. We are responsive. When you call or e-mail us, we get back to our clients right away. We read all of the negative reviews for website designers – the NUMBER ONE THING people dislike about their website design company is when they send requests for updates and information, and their web designer doesn’t e-mail them back. That will never happen with us. We update our clients regularly about their project. 

We Never Hold Your Website Hostage

The first thing we want to tell you is that if we build your website – you own it. It is YOUR website. We do the web design, but once we are finished, we don’t hold you hostage. We show you how to maintain it, add pages, add content, and do whatever you want. . We believe in freedom, so we don’t shackle our clients to us. Did you know this is a common practice among website designers? They design your site in such a way that you can’t update it yourself, and if you ever want to leave them and hire someone else to work on it, the new designer will basically have to start over from scratch. We never do that. It’s your site. Not ours. 

We are Fast! 

Need your website designed in a hurry? We have launched major website design projects in as few as seven days, and are averaging around thirty. days start to finish We can get your website finished faster than you can imagine. Back in the day we used to tell people there is “good, fast, and cheap…you can pick any two.” Not any more. We design beautiful websites, and we do it quickly and affordably. Check us out for Salt Lake City Website Design. 

We Are Affordable 

As small business owners ourselves, we know that containing costs is important. We design beautiful websites, and we do it quickly and affordably.  By keeping our own overhead low, we are able to pass on those cost savings to our customers. Our customers don’t care about visiting their web designer in a giant open-air exposed brick building (nor do they want to pay for those costs). Our customers care about quality websites that are affordable, capture traffic on Google, and bring in new customers each and every day.. Check us out for Salt Lake City Website Design. 

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Salt Lake City Website Design - SEO Friendly Websites

All of our websites are fully optimized for organic search when we hand them over to you. We are often surprised how many websites are designed and built with no SEO performed on the pages or back end. It turns out, many website design companies want to charge more money to set up the SEO on your website. We don’t do that. We know you want your new (or refreshed) website to show up on top of Google. Who builds a website and doesn’t expect it to rank well? Not our customers. We design every website with SEO in mind. What good is a beautiful new website that nobody is ever going to see because Google doesn’t display it in their search results. We don’t charge extra for something our clients expect. 

Need ongoing SEO management – Learn more about our SEO Management Service.

Working With Us Is Easy.
Salt Lake City Website Design should be fun., not stressful. We listen to our clients. it is common among website designers to say “it doesn’t matter if YOU like your website. What matters is that your potential new customer likes your website.” Although we understand where this sentiment comes from, and we can kind of see the thought process behind it, we have not found this to be true at all. We believe YOU need to love your website. Otherwise you aren’t going to interact with it and your SEO ranking is going to suffer. Yes, your potential new customer should like your website too, but if you hate it, you aren’t going to maintain it. So first and foremost, we want YOU to love your website.. we can figure out how to make it work for potential visitors. 

We will be there with you each step of the way, explaining things to you, listening to your feedback, and making sure we get it right. We play hard (read our about us page), but we take our work seriously. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, so you can enjoy the process and know we will get it right, no matter what it takes. 

Stay Wild Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City Website Design Agency based in Salt Lake City Utah. Contact us – Call 385-501-3442

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