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SEO Company Salt Lake City

SEO Company Salt Lake City

Fast and affordable SEO Company Salt Lake City Utah.
No tricks No gimmicks. We offer an excellent SEO service according to industry best practices. 

We are Fast. On a recent project, a new small business relocated to Salt Lake City, and had to change their SEO so they showed up in their new city. We made the changes, and within three weeks they were on top of the Google Map, and in the number two spot for organic search. Some agencies tell clients it could take a year to get near the top of Google.

We are Affordable: We know small business, and we know you need to contain costs. We do not believe everyone needs “monthly seo management” packages. We keep our overhead to an absolute minimum, and we pass that savings on to you.

We Are Effective: Recently, a martial arts studio was struggling with their rankings on Google. We did a short diagnostic, fixed ONE THING and that afternoon they were #1 on the Google Map, and had moved from the bottom of page one to the #2 spot. We aren’t “guessing” at what to do to help you rank well. We know what to do, and it works every time.

A Little More About SEO

Has SEO Changed? Of course it has. Gone are the days where you could just lace a website with keywords and meta-tags and show up ahead of the pack. Gone are the days when you could just pay someone else to load your website with thirty thousand junk backlinks and rank well. As Google’s artificial intelligence has become better, SEO has become a game for professionals.

In fact, the demands Google Places on those who that coveted top spot has never been higher (and that is NEVER going to change). And why shouldn’t it be difficult? Google knows EXACTLY how valuable that top spot is. Why should it be easy to be there, given what it will do for the success of your business?

So, if you want to rank well on Google today by using SEO, you have to provide good information, in a specific way, and keep updating it, and adding new relevant expert content. 

The good news is – we are going do this for you. We are an SEO Company in Salt Lake City Utah. It’s what we do. 

Google doesn’t just change the way they do things to be difficult. They change things up because there are ALWAYS people out there who try to “game” the system. People who think they can outsmart Google. But those folks out there in California are pretty sharp. And they have BILLIONS of dollars to pay the best cheaters in the world to figure out how to spot other cheaters.

The funny thing is – keeping up with Google isn’t all that difficult. It just takes a little “try” so to speak. Which is what makes our SEO Service stand apart from the rest – we put in the work while others rely on “tricks” and “hacks.”  

So if you are looking for an SEO company Salt Lake City for your small business, please contact us today.

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Conclusion: You have to work at your SEO to get that coveted #1 spot on Google. Ignoring your SEO is like being a fisherman who can't be bothered to lower their nets in the water. People are searching twenty four hours a day for things on Google. They could be finding your company, but they are finding others instead. SEO has never been more important to your small business. If you haven't been focused on it before, get started today.

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