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SEO – Key Take Aways From the AMA State of Search Conference

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SEO - Key Take Aways From the AMA State of Search Conference

Yesterday, the American Marketing Association held their State of Search Conference online. 

If you missed it, I think you can still create a log in and listen to it here.

Here Are a few points we think it is important as it pertains to SEO in 2022. 

#1: Title Tags still matter. 

#2: Meta Descriptions are only being over-written 60% of the time, and then often only partially

#3: Only 30% of websites are set up properly for Google 

#4: The more reviews you have on Google My Business is directly correlated to how high you rank in SERPs

#5: Higher rankings (more stars) on Google my Business correlate to how high you rank in SERPs

#6: People still use Google FAR MORE to find information about things than they do just for shopping alone

#7: People searching use as few keywords as possible – and almost aways less than five 

#8: Long tail keyword don’t matter that much – if you rank for the top keywords, Google figures out to rank you for longer tail keywords, but not the other way around

#9: There are NO organic listings now “above the fold” in SERPs. You see a search bar at the top that helps you drill down, then ads, then the map, and then the SERPs begin

#10: Site speed matters – especially with regard to mobile search. If your site loads too slow on cell phones, or is interrupted all the time by switching cell phone towers, it will hurt your search ranking. 

Bonus Take Away: One of the things they discussed is Volatility Days – this means the number of days on Google there was a great deal of movement in search results. More than 50% of all days had volatility. That means that almost every other day, your search rankings were moving, and often moving quite a bit. So if you find your web pages losing rankings – don’t panic. It’s happening to everyone. We suggest you stay the course – keep pumping out good, high quality, relevant content. With that much movement, there is a good chance you’ll move back up. We have definitely seen this at Stay Wild Digital Marketing, as has everyone else. Take it as an opportunity to move up – after all, if nothing changed, the same people would be on top forever. 

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SummarySEO – Key Take Aways From the AMA State of Search Conference

A lot of things are staying the same with regard to SEO. As an example – people have been saying for awhile that Title Tags don’t matter – they do. People have said to me recently that there is no reason to write Meta Description tags because Google just over-writes them – not true. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is that Google still wants to provide great content when people look for things. If you are ever thinking to yourself, “what is a good SEO strategy?” The answer is – write awesome content that is current, relevant, and adds value to people’s lives. 

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