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SEO Salt Lake City
SEO Salt Lake City – No tricks No gimmicks. We get our customers on top of Google and keep them there. .

How Confident Are We About Our SEO Skill?

When one of our co-owners relocated to Salt Lake City. He and his wife didn’t know ONE PERSON in the state of Utah. They moved their businesses (both are entrepreneurs)  and were 100% reliant on Google for success or failure. Within just a few weeks, business was coming in. Within a few months, their businesses had a wait list.

We don’t just tell our clients to do SEO and trust us. We trust our own SEO capabilities to grow our business. We knew we could get on top of Google, and Google would do the rest. We can do the same for you.

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We are Fast. If an SEO Company tells you it could take six months to a year to get on top of Google – don’t walk away – RUN AWAY.

On a recent project, a small business relocated to Salt Lake City and needed to rank high on Google, and they needed it to happen quickly.

We made the changes, and within three weeks they were on top of the Google Map, and in the number two spot for organic search. Three weeks later, because of Google alone, that company had a waiting list – in a brand new city!

We Know What We Are Doing

This might seem odd to have to say, but there are lots of people offering SEO Salt Lake City, and many of them are average (at best). There is an EXACT way to perform SEO. There aren’t “lots of different ways” or “approaches.”

We have developed a precise formula for helping our clients get on top of Google and stay there. No Tricks. No Gimmicks. No “black hat” tactics. We do it the right way, and it works.

We Are Effective:

Recently, a martial arts studio was struggling with their rankings on Google. We did a short diagnostic, fixed ONE THING and that afternoon they were #1 on the Google Map, and had moved from the bottom of page one to the #2 spot. We aren’t “guessing” at what to do to help you rank well. We know what to do, and it works every time.

There Are No Tricks

We never try any “tricks” when setting up SEO Salt Lake City. We suggest you don’t ever hire an SEO company that tells you they’ve got “some tricks” that help. Sooner or later Google Catches cheaters, and punishes them harshly. Did you know you can be kicked off Google for trying to game the system? You can. We’ve seen it. 

We do not use ANY tricks or so called “black hat seo” tactics. Why would we? We know what we are doing. We don’t need to deploy any “tricks” to win at the SEO game.

Google Doesn’t Care What You Want 

This may sound harsh, but it is true. Google knows exactly how precious and valuable that top spot is for businesses. And if you want your company in that top spot, you MUST set things up the way Google wants, not the way you think it should be.

We organize your information the way Google “see’s” things. Why? Because that is how you get on top.

What good is a great website if nobody is ever going to see it because you are so far down the page on Google?

A Little More About SEO Salt Lake City
SEO Salt Lake City
The Time For SEO Professionals Has Come

As Google’s artificial intelligence has become better, SEO has become a game for professionals. In fact, the demands Google Places on those who desire that coveted top spot has never been higher. And that isn’t going to change in the future. SEO is now a full time job if you want to get and keep the top spot. 

Back in the day (2008) you could just lace a website with keywords and fill out the meta-tags and show up ahead of the pack. That went away a long time ago.

For awhile (around 2010-2015) you could pay someone else to load your website with thirty thousand junk backlinks and rank well because of it.. Today that same strategy will make your website disappear forever.

Why Would Google Make SEO Easy To Accomplish

Why shouldn’t SEO be difficult? Google knows exactly how valuable that top spot is. Why should it be easy to be there given what it will do for the success of your business?. If it was easy, everyone would do it. 

So if you are looking for an SEO Salt Lake City please contact us today. We are Utah’s Best SEO Company. We won’t stop until you are on top. 

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Ignoring your SEO is like being a fisherman who won't bother lowering their nets in the water. Google is like a river of people who are swimming twenty four hours a day looking for things on Google. They could be finding your company, but they are finding others instead.

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