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Looking for SEO Small Business, you have come to the right place. Stay Wild Digital Marketing provides expert SEO for Small Business. And you know what else? We don’t break the bank to do it. Lots of SEO services for small business want to lock you into a year long contract anywhere from $550 – $1,500 per month. But if you ever ask them specifically what they are doing after that first month to justify their fees, they will have a hard time answering you (if they answer you at all). We never do that. We don’t have contracts. And we never charge you for work when there isn’t any work to do. Nor do we make up work so we can charge you. 

In local markets, once your SEO is set up, unless we are writing blogs for you or other content, there is often no reason for an “ongoing management package.” What is there to manage? Unless you happen to add a new product or service or web page, the words people typing into Google don’t change much. Google might be unlimited, but our language isn’t. In fact, over 80% of Google searches are still ONE WORD searches. How hard is it to optimize a site for one or two words? 

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Our SEO Service Is Affordable

We keep our costs down by keeping our overhead extremely low, and then we pass that savings on to our clients. 

We are serial entrepreneurs ourselves and have owned multiple small businesses before we started Stay Wild Digital Marketing. One of our co-founders was a business consultant who specialized in turning around troubled small businesses for over a decade. We know small business. And we know that you need to be able to contain costs, and for every dollar you spend, you need that money to make money and you need it to happen pretty quickly to make it make sense.. 

Our SEO Service Is Effective

It is fascinating how many SEO companies are out there who “can’t promise you anything.” Really? Why not? That is like being a lawn care specialist who can’t promise you any green grass. We will get you ranked highly on Google in your local area. Not only that, but you will never have to listen to us make excuses about why our campaigns aren’t creating new business for you. We get results – and when you are talking about SEO Small Business, the only result that matters is new customers.  Learn more about SEO

 Our SEO Service Is Fast

We have met companies out there who say it could take up to a year or more to rank organically as the result of your SEO. That might be true if you are trying to rank nationally, but in your local market, we have never seen it take that long. Once we know why you are not on top, we fix the reasons you are not on top, and you end up on top. Maybe Google will change that some day, but so far, SEO for small business is pretty straight forward. 

Stay Wild Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency for small business. We are located in Salt Lake City but have clients coast to coast from Florida to California and even a few in Canada. We specialize in SEO for Small Business, Websites for small business, and Digital Marketing for small business. 

And a bonus – We know a lot of entrepreneurs are do-it-yourself kind of people. So why not learn from the best. Subscribe to Neil Patel’s Youtube

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Fast, Affordable, Effective Digital Marketing for Small Business

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