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Say Wild Digital Marketing is a Small Business Digital Marketing Agency. In fact, marketing for small business is all we do. We are serial entrepreneurs ourselves, and we know that marketing for small business is not anything like marketing for big companies. 

We Are Fast, Affordable, and Available. We know you aren’t operating with a huge budget, and are always at a shortage of time. .We set our prices, and work on projects accordingly. 

How can we produce affordable websites for small business? Easy, we keep out overhead to a minimum, and we pass the savings on to you. We built our business on outcomes and reputation, not on fancy office spaces. By keeping our costs down, we are able to provide our services at an affordable price.

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Is Marketing for Small Business different than other businesses? Of course it is! 

And People who say it isn’t, have obviously never run any kind of small business except maybe the marketing agency they run currently. 

How is Marketing For Small Business Different Than Marketing For Big Business?

The short answer is – Time frame and Cash Flow. Small business marketing needs to return approximately three dollars for every dollar spent on that marketing (Cash Flow) – and it must return that three dollars per dollar spent almost immediately (Time Frame). Big business, they need to get back about one dollar and twenty five cents (cash flow) for every dollar they invest – and they need to get that return over up to twenty years (Time Frame). So you see, when you are engaged in digital marketing for small business you have to be able to pull off BIG results, and you have to be able to pull it off fast, and it needs to work every single time. Big business simply has more cash coming through their business, which allows them to take a longer timeline. 

What Does That Mean For Digital Marketing Agencies Who Specialize In Marketing For Small Business? 

It means that we have to focus our clients dollars on really specific things, and those things have to work, and they have to work fast, and they have to work every time. Small businesses simply don’t have enough cash in the bank to have it floating around out there in long-term advertising. 

So, when people start talking about social media influencing, and e-mail marketing, or print media (magazine article ads), or working on branding, we know they just don’t understand small business. Those are all long-term plays that require a ton of time and money to execute well. 

But you’ve seen just one person by themselves become wealthy being a social media influencer. What about that? Again, that person obviously had all of the time in the world to do that, and it took them a long time to get enough audience to get where they are. They were very obviously not running a small business while they were doing that. Social media requires repetition, focus and time. Those are long term strategies. 

Can Email Marketing Work For Small Businesses? 

Sure – but it takes a long time for most people to build up and email list, and a ton of focused discipline, and it rarely pays out right away. Most small businesses are not making their real money on their email marketing plan. 

What Does Work For Marketing A Small Business? 
 There are three things a small business owner should focus on, and they are in order of priority:
#1: Google My Business (formerly the Google Maps listing)
#2: Local Google Ads (formerly Adwords)
#3: Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization 


#1: Your Google Maps Listing – You can fill out your Google My Business Listing or optimize it well if you already have one, and get customers today. 

#2: Local Google Ads – You can turn on Google Ads and run them in your local area, and get customers today. 

#3: Local SEO – If you aren’t in the top six results on Google Search, you basically don’t exist. but if you focus, and work hard and fast, you can get yourself ranked well in local search results fairly quickly if you know what you are doing. Check out Neil Paten For A Great SEO Resource

Google controls 95% of ALL internet searches. People are searching for what you sell, they are already looking for it. These are real potential customers, and before you do anything else, you should focus all of your effort on your Digital Marketing for Small Business by making sure you show up in the Google Ads, The Google Map (Google my Business) and local SEO. Nothing else will bring you a higher return on investment in such a short period of time. 

If you would like to learn more about small business marketing, please contact us. Stay Wild Digital Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in marketing for small businesses. Our work is fast, affordable, and effective. 

We are based in Salt Lake City. 

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