Website Design Best Practices for 2021

Website Design Best Practices for 2021

Website Design Best Practices For 2021

Website Design Best Practices 2021

Website Design Best Practices for 2021

Big Photos – Minimalism – Site Speed – Easy to Navigate – Mobile Friendly – Beauty

Stay Wild Digital Marketing provides Website Design Salt Lake City and we wanted to share this article with you on trends we are seeing in 2021 in website design, as well as functionality, content development, and SEO implications.

Throughout 2021, especially for our Outdoor Industry website design clients, there has been a big shift away from “wavy” lines and odd shapes (we are frankly glad to see that trend go away) to big beautiful photos, lots of open space, less text, and more focus on U/I (User Experience).

If 2020 website design was characterized by whimsical artistic expression, then 2021 is being characterized by openness, action, and panorama.

2021 Website Design – Minimalism

All of our clients coming to us for website design Salt Lake City are asking us for the same things

  • Big Photos (as opposed to cropped)
  • Wide Open Space
  • Little Text On The Pages

We are excited as these designs allow for big, open, expansive vista shots and make for beautiful websites. They do post a few problems as far as SEO goes, but we are handling that with sub-directory pages that live beneath the design to keep Google happy.

Site Speed

Along with those big beautiful images is coming the issue of site speed. To keep Google happy and rank well for SEO, site speed is becoming a factor. We are not seeing this so much at the local level yet, but if you are a big player, and you care about your SEO, you are going to have to figure out how to improve your site speed.

Some simple tips –

  • Smush for WordPress to compress your photos
  • Never use images on your website over 1mb.
  • Use Cloudflare

As annoying as it is, site speed is going to become a bigger deal in the SEO world – especially for retail and ecommerce website design.

Mobile First – Responsive Website Design

Mobile website design used to be something we fooled with AFTER we designed your desktop site.

Not only that but we didn’t focus hardly at all on website design for tablets.

But that has changed. With over half of all searches now being conducted by mobile devices, mobile optimized website design has become it’s own “thing.” This is true to the degree that just this week we discussed our website design packages and are wondering if mobile first and responsive website design is going to take such a large center stage that building one website is now going to be building three individual websites that all have their own requirements.

More time in website design world means more development, and more money for the end user. But like it or not – mobile first and responsive website design is here to stay.

User Experience Centric Website Design

You would think by now that website design companies would have figured out how to make it easy to navigate around a website and find what you are looking for, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

In fact, with the onset of “package based” website design companies who are cranking out WordPress Website Designs for $79 per month, we are seeing a lot of websites that are just thrown together. Imagine twenty PowerPoint slides assembled, labeled and strung together and you are getting an idea of the level of user experience these companies are creating.

We fixate on this at Stay Wild Digital Marketing. We mind map the entire website workflow, imagining every entry point to the website, and then laying out the logic of the pathway the user might use to find what they are looking for.

Users are quick with that “back” button. Quicker than ever. If you make them hunt around for what they came to find, they are going to go try and find it somewhere else.

You have to get into the mind of the website user, and think through what it was that brought them to your website. What were they looking for? Google is a question answering box – what question did they ask Google to land on your site? Don’t make them hunt for the answer.

Beautiful Website Design

Website Design Best practices 2021 must include the idea of expansive, open, and beautiful. Especially in the Outdoor Industry Website Design Market.

People visit a lot of websites every day. Especially outdoor enthusiasts. And because they visit a lot of websites, they develop an expectation of what is trending in the Outdoor Industry marketing world. And if your website doesn’t match up with that expectation – they are going to get the impression that you are behind the times, and, possibly losing touch with their world.

Boxy websites with small images in white outlined boxes are fading – and fast!

Because of this – stock photos are no longer going to cut it. If you want to meet customers expectations when they come to your website, you are going to have to start investing in action photography, drone footage of people using your products, beautiful images for even your spec sheets.

Photos were always important in website design, but now they are going to become THE thing that makes or breaks a website design in 2021.

No More Stock Photos

This is particularly true for outdoor industry websites, but in general, our clients are moving away from Stock Photos. And we find that when we design websites and have to use stock photos, you can really tell the difference.

Everything from the way the site is presented to the overall personalized feel is impacted by images. When people ask me how they should best spend their money on Web Design, I tell them pay for great images.

Great images, great product photos, action photos of people using your products or experiencing your services really make a website sing.

In the outdoor industry, drone flyover videos are now pretty much a given. People expect to see these on a website, and if they don’t, your site start to appear outdated.

Check out this website by Juliana Bikes

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Stay Wild Digital Marketing is a Website Design Company in Salt Lake City Utah, with clients across the U.S. as well as internationally.

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