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User Experience

When you are thinking about your website, it is too easy to overlook User Experience. But user experience is critical component of website design.

Too often we visit websites, and we can’t find what we are looking for right away. And this often includes their contact information, products we already want to buy, or how to book a service. Why do you want to make things impossible to find for your potential customers?

There are several reasons this happens in Website Design. One of the main reasons is, back in the day, Google only ranked whole websites. So if you sold something I was looking for, Google would take me to your home page. But because companies had LOTS of products to sell, and didn’t want you just getting what you came for. They “dragged” you through the whole darn website to let you find what you were looking for.

Some good news for end users, Google now ranks individual pages, and even single items or paragraphs within that page. You no longer have to go to the home page. More often than not now taken straight to the item you searched for (thanks for that Google!). So now, user experience mostly goes down right on the page itself, not through the whole website.

The problem is, there are a lot of “old” websites out there. There are also a lot of website designers who haven’t kept up with the times. They still design websites the “old way.” Lots of web designers still organize information for their customers in this way. And it aggravates your customers to no end, and often makes them click the “back” button.

The House Built With Too Many Additions

Most websites start off as just a few pages and then grow exponentially. For some reason, the website was just kept getting “added on to.” It’s like a house where the owners just kept adding rooms. Eventually the house was so big and convoluted nobody could find their way around.

We sugggest to our clients that their website be completely rebuilt at least every two years. This will help prevent this from happening. It will also help your site “look” keep up with the times. People visit a lot of websites and they know when something is starting to look very “2013.”

Just Get it done!

Some websites were just slapped together with no thought whatsoever given to user experience. Nobody considered how a person would naturally navigate their way around the website design. This often happens because someone is in a hurry and wants the designer to just “get it done.”

To have a good User Experience you have to think about, and image yourself landing on your website and think, “what you would do next?”

What would you do? Which button would you click? Is it easy to find what you are looking for? REALLY EASY? Does the flow of your information make sense? Do you “force feed” your client everything there is to know about your website. Let them choose how much they want to read?

How We Do It

When we design websites we never make your customer work hard to find what they are looking for. Why make them hunt for your contact info? We lace the site with buy now options so people can stop reading when they want and click to buy now.

It takes HOURS discussion to think through the information flow., and imagine how a person will interact with your website. And we think about who they are, and what might they want to see.

You have to think through what it is like for your customer to visit your site, and interact with it. Otherwise, those people you worked so hard to get to your website will just click the back button. And besides, why would you want to make it hard for people to buy from you?

And remember, if your website is more than two years old, you can bet it is behind the times, and needs updated.

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