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What Is Google Search Console – And Why You Should Care

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This is not another article about how to set up Google Search Console. There are enough of those out there.

But What IS it? What does it do?

In our company, I am the sales and marketing guy. It is my job to explain what we do, and why it matters to our clients. As you might imagine, it is important to be able to do this in terms that are easy to understand. Our clients don’t need to be experts in what we do, but if they don’t understand it at all, then they can’t assign any importance to it, which makes it valueless – not value added.

To make sure I understood it myself, I asked my business partner (Danny) who is handles the set up for SEO and Pay Per Click Management for our clients, to explain all of this to me, so I could explain it myself.

This is what he explained to me:

The Short Version: Google Search Console manages and reports your website’s interaction (relationship) with the Google Search Engine Indexing function.

What does this mean. Well, let me explain it to you the way he explained it to me. Google Analytics as an example, shows you the relationship USERS are having with your website. This way you can make adjustments, see the outcomes of changes you make, and see what users are doing on your website. This is the function of Google Analytics…to show you how users are relating to your website.

What Google Search Console does is show you what kind of relationship GOOGLE is having with your website. Which can help you make changes, fix errors that are unappealing to Google, and ensure that your content is being viewed and catalogued properly so Google will show it to users who are using Google Search to find things.

If you care at all about how Google “see’s” your website (and you should), then you need to sign up for Google Search Console, and at a minimum, verify your website (see article link above on how to this), and submit your website’s sitemap for indexing. This is the minimum. There are endless (and very good) step by  step articles out there on how to do this. But the main thing is – do it.

There is a lot more you can learn about this of course, but the intent of this article has been to help you better understand what it is, and why it matter to you, and to your business. How important is it? We provide SEO management services for clients, and one of the FIRST things we do when we start working with them is set up Google Search Console. That’s how important Google Search Console is to your SEO effort. It is literally one of the first things we do.

If you haven’t set up Google Search Console yet, and you want to do it yourself here is that “how to” set it up article again:

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