What is SEO?

SEO is Any Method Used to Improve How Search Engines Rank Your Website Pages and Content.
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What is SEO?

Short Answer: SEO is Any Method Used to Improve How Search Engines Rank Your Website Pages and Content. 

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How to Rank Well on Search Engines


What are “the methods” used to get search engines to rank your website and content above others?

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research and Analysis
  • Title Tags Optimization
  • Page Description Optimization
  • URL Optimization and Alignment
  • Alt Image Tag Optimization
  • H1 – H6 Tag Optimization and Alignment
  • Text/Content Optimization and Alignment
  • Backlinks
  • Subject Authority Development
  • Google Search Console Connection and Analysis
  • Google Analytics Connection and Analysis
  • Site Speed Monitoring and Improvement
  • Generating Content That is Superior To Other Content in Your Space
  • And more! 

There are lots of fancy words and industry jargon “like on-page versus off-page” SEO. This can be confusing. 

Perhaps it was meant to be so you don’t try SEO yourself. 

But the bottom line is, to get search engines to take notice of your website and content you need to: 

  • Write really good (and helpful) content
  • Write that content around keywords that are relevant to what you do or sell
  • Organize that content EXACTLY the way search engines like it and can recognize it
  • Get others to recognize your content and link to it as a reference for their own content

What Search Engine Optimiation is Not

Search Engine Optimization is not trying to take the content you’ve already got, adding in a bunch of keywords, matching the title tags, and descriptions. 

That used to be all you had to do. 

Unless you are the only person in your area who  does what you do, this is no longer sufficient. 

This is also not the SEO Service Salt Lake City that we sell. 

Search Engine Optimization is not  about tricks or gimmicks or “gaming the system.” If someone tells you they know an SEO hack, don’t walk away, run away. 

Those games and gimmicks might work for a little while, then search engines will launch an update and your website will disappear – forever! 

SEO in 2022 is almost entirely about producing content that is both helpful and relevant. Read our Complete Guide to SEO Writing.

Most of what we do as an SEO Company Salt Lake City is help people produce content they can rank for and then promote that content. 

Most people do not like writing or seeing themselves on video or hearing their own voice. 

But that is EXACTLY what you have to do if you want search engines to rank your content. 

I call it “doing your PhD.” 

You’ve got to Pile it Higher and Deeper. 

If you are talking to an SEO Company and they are not talking to you about content production, and their price is around $500 to “do your SEO,” then you can know that they are just going to adjust some “back end” stuff on your website and that is all. 

That is not real search engine optimization – and everyone knows how to do that. 

Real search engine optimization is about researching what content is out there, who produced it, figuring out what content you might be able to rank for, producing that content and making sure it is relevant, good, and helpful. 

That is why true SEO is expensive – because writing 5,000 word web pages with infographics, hyperlinks to internal and external content, and then working to promote that content so other websites link to it is TONS of work.

How Much Does SEO Cost

SEO cost depends on how much competition there is and how widely you want to rank your content. 

As an Example – if you wanted to hire Neil Patel, the SEO Guru you can expect to spend a minimum of $10,000 per month. 

And that’s the minimum. 

But if you are a service in a local area, and you are only trying to outrank others for local customers, then it is not going to be as hard to accomplish, and this will reduce the cost. 

But in general, you should expect to be paying more than $2,500 per month for true SEO Service that includes: 

  • Research
  • Content Production (not advice)
  • On-Page SEO
  • Attempting to get at least a few backlinks per month

And then the more content you need and more work you need done to rank, the cost will go up from there. 


Is SEO Worth it?

This question is on more and more people’s minds as the workload to rank well nationally has gone up. 

But yes, SEO is still worth it. 

One of the things we understood early on as marketing professionals was that Search Engines provided a unique opportunity for businesses. 

Never before in the history of marketing could you predict precisely when someone would be interested in buying your product or service. 

You could do television, radio, mail post cards, magazine articles, or billboards (etc.) but you did that because you couldn’t predict when someone was going to be in “buyer mode” so you had to try and be in front of them all of the time. 

But with search engines, someone is online, looking for exactly what you sell twenty four hours per day. 

SEO is how you get in front of those people at that precise moment. 

To us, SEO is the easiest way to market your business, and the most effective. 

Yes, you have to produce content. Yes you have to format it the right way. Yes you have to update it regularly. 

But compared to running television ads which cost into the millions of dollars, SEO is still extremely affordable. 

Plus – good SEO is like having making sure you have nets in the water catching people as they swim by – twenty four hours per day. 

You literally never miss an opportunity. 


Is SEO Fast?

Is SEO Fast?

SEO Companies often tell people it can take six months to two years to get on top of search engines. 

They love to say things like, “SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time and effort to fulfill.” 

The next thing they usually tell you is that they will sell you Pay Per Click Management Services in the mean time. 

But SEO doesn’t have to take that long. It is possible to rank content much faster than you think and start driving traffic. 

It just depends on how hard you work at it, and if you know “how” to pull it off. 

But What if You Don’t Know to “do” SEO? 

We actually wrote a little Beginners Guide that you’ll find helpful if you want to do it yourself.

You can also learn get a lot of free resources through Youtube by watching Neil Patel Videos – or Backlinko Videos – or Income School Videos. 

These are great free resources that will show you how to do it yourself in a real and actionable way. 

Income School in particular is great at showing people how to rank new websites incredibly quickly by Blogging. 

How to Choose An SEO Agency

How to Choose an SEO Company is simple – Ask them to show you their results. 

If they do any double talk at all about results being “circumstantial” – don’t walk away, run away. 

If they mention they have any “hacks” or “tricks” – run away. 

If they do not discuss content production with you, and content strategy, find someone else. 

A true SEO agency should be able to: 

  1. Show You Their Results
  2. Clearly Articulate Their SEO Strategy For You
  3. Content Strategy MUST be included in their plan
  4. Content Strategy Must be Precise
  5. Never Make Excuses
  6. They should listen to you. If you don’t feel listened to, find someone else to work with. 
  7. They should be willing to explain things to you and be able to do so easily. Anyone can take something simple and make it sound complicated. Their is no genius to this. Genius is being able to take something extremely complex and explain it so anyone can understand it. 

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