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What is the #1 Complaint About Website Designers

What is The Top Complaint About Website Designers?

It’s the #1 complaint people have about their website designer. Do you know what it is?

It is this: My Website Designer won’t respond to my emails or call me back.

We read the negative reviews for other website designers. What discovered that by far the number one about website design companies is lack of responsiveness. 

People said that when they send requests for updates about what is going on with their website build, their web designer doesn’t e-mail them or call them back. 

This isn’t uncommon. One of our friends defends other lawyers who are being sued for malpractice. He told us that the #1 thing that gets a malpractice case going is – yep, you guessed it…the lawyer refused to return emails and phone calls from their client.

Then the client got paranoid. Then they got just downright angry. Then they gave up. And when the final outcome didn’t go the way they’d hoped, they had no goodwill toward their lawyer and sued them for malpractice.

This happens all the time among web designers as well. Go out and read some negative reviews, and you will find that this is the #1 Complaint. It is the top complaint about website designers, but it isn’t the only one. Read our article about common website disasters.

We never do that. We send our clients weekly updates so they don’t have to hunt us down. We respond quickly to any email or phone call. We would never “ghost” a client, regardless of what is happening with their site.

So if you are a web designer – take note. Call your clients back. Respond to their emails. It takes nothing for people to start leaving negative reviews when you do this, and lots of customers have had this happen to them already.

Call your clients back!

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