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Why Modern Website Design Matters In 2022 And Some Examples Of The Best Modern Websites We Have Seen

In this article, we are going to give you a brief explanation of why modern website design matters in 2022, and give you some amazing examples of some of the best websites we have ever seen. But before we do, be sure to bookmark this page, as we update our blog regularly with useful articles and inspirational stories.

Question: Why does modern website design matter?

Short Answer: If a potential new customer comes to your website, and it looks dated, they know you are not keeping up with the times. They also know you don’t take your digital marketing seriously. And because of this, they will go somewhere else.

Question: How Often Do You Need to Update Your Website Design?

Short Answer: You should update your website at MINIMUM every two years.

Long Answer: You should be redesigning your website every two years at least. But that is the minimum. Big retailers refresh their website design quarterly. Pretty soon they will be launching a whole new website look monthly. They want people coming back again and again to their webpages, and they know that if they aren’t constantly giving them something new to see or learn, that their potential customers see no reason to come back often.

You see, the thing is, people are out on the internet all of the time. They revisit their favorite brands over and over again. And while they are doing this, they are seeing the latest and greatest trends in web design. They are seeing modern website design everywhere they go. So they get used to those new open spaces, and content with dimensions, and the new color schemes, and monochrome, and the minimalism (very 2022), and then they come to your site, and it “feels” old to them. They can see that your latest blog post was two years ago, and they know you are behind the times. And then they go somewhere else.

Here is a wonderful article we found on the best modern websites of 2021 (and these are tending into 2022). Check out these websites, and then compare your own. Do you see the difference?

Check Out Bluehost’s website – They are one of the best web hosts in the world, and their website is simple and clean and colorful:

One interesting thing to note here is how simple and clean modern website design has become in 2022. The minimalistic “more is better” method of design has really gained in popularity. Old websites used to be incredibly “busy.” They bombarded people with information. Today, people want to go to one website for one thing, and they want to be able to find that one thing, and not be distracted while they are searching.

If you take a look at our website, we employed another important feature of modern website design trends for 2021:

Cinematic Quality.

That is to say, users now also want to be stimulated and entertained by what they see when they come to your website. By using monochrome and web effects on our website, we are able to capture a unique cinematic quality, which lots of our clients have commented on.

Modern Web Design

Huge Images – Minimalistic

In Juliana Bicycles website, you see the employment of HUGE images, and very little text. Websites in 2022 are focusing on excellent quality images, and less on words. In talking this weekend to a wetsuit company who is doing a big launch, I explained to them that spending their marketing budget on REALLY good photos is what is going to make or break a website today. Especially for the Outdoor Industry Website Design.

And it matters. Especially for the Outdoor Industry – we (we are outdoor people too) visit a lot of Outdoor Industry Websites, and we get used to a specific quality, look, and feel, and if we don’t see that in your website design, then we are going to feel something is off, and that things are out of date, and the company might be a little behind the times, just like their website. It isn’t fair, but that is how people make decisions a lot of the time – on if you are current or not.

Modern Website Design 2021

No Menu Across The Top

Check our this amazing website by Pelorus Travel Group. No menu across the top clogging up the design. The photos as you scroll down are the menu.

Website Design 2021
2022 Website Design Trends – Giant Blocky Fonts

As a Bonus – Here is a new trend in the minimalism web design scene: Big Bold Blocky Fonts.

Not only are these hot right now, in some instances they are even taking up space in the design aspect that used to be occupied by photos.

Web designers are proving that you can do more with design than just using huge images.

There are lots of different ways to display something beautiful.

Be bold! It’s 2022!

Summary – Why Modern Website Design Matters in 2022

So as you are looking at your own website, it is important that you update it, and refresh your web design at least every two years. We suggest at least some sort of refresh a minimum of once per year, and if you are in a competitive industry like retail, you might need to be updating your site quarterly as a minimum.

Modern Website Design is important. New trends change all the time and consumers see them, and they look at your website and it immediately feels “old.” It looks to them like you are out of the game, and don’t care enough about your digital presence to keep up.

There are lots of articles out there every year about the latest trends. An easy way to deal with this as a small business (if you happen to be one) is to simply go find some of these sites, and then had it off to a good web design and tell them: Make my site look more like this one.

If you aren’t doing a ton of web development, a good web designer can handle this for you quickly and affordably.

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