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Professional Website Design Matters - SEO. Get Found!

Why Professional Website Design Is Important – SEO

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Why Professional Website Design Is Important - SEO.

Professional Website Design is important because you shouldn’t be waiting until the website is already complete to be thinking about SEO. 

SEO should be part of the overall build strategy before you begin. 

SEO Should Be Part of Your Website Design Strategy

I am writing this article becuase several times over the last month, we have asked to conduct SEO on Websites that were “just launched.” 

Bad news, because nobody thought about SEO on the front end, they had to hire their website designer again to make all of the changes and additions they needed to rank well on SEO. 

We have also had several inquiries recently where the person was putting us on notice that they were going to hire us for SEO once they completed their website. 

I told them that they should get us involved now, so they don’t end up paying their website designer twice. 

What Goes On The Website Effects Your SEO - A LOT!

One of the most common problems we see when someone designs a website without thinking about SEO is that they simply don’t add the right content. 

They don’t add pages that will support the Client’s SEO effort. 

The pages they do add do not have the right content on it. 

Or there is simply not enough content on the website at all to keep search engines happy. 

If you want to know what needs to be on a website for SEO, please read our article in the SEO section of this blog. 

But at a minimum, every product or service you want to show up for on Google: 

  1. Needs Its Own Individual Page
  2. Needs 900 words minimum about that product or service
  3. Needs the Meta Data put into the back of the page
  4. Needs relevant images, and the images Alt-Tags filled out properly
So if you just start building your website, and you haven’t thought through the SEO first, you are going to end up needing more pages, needing more content, and needing more images, and none of that went into the original design, so you have to pay for more website design. 

How do You Know The Best Keywords to Use for SEO?

Answer – Do Keyword Research

I suggest you use at least two sources. 

We like Ubersuggest from Neil Patel. 

We also like Spyfu.

Both are free. 

If you are really wanting to dive into how to do decent keyword research, Neil Patel also has great Youtube tutorials on how to use Ubersuggest. 

Either of these if you start playing with them will help you understand what keywords people actually type into the search bar on search engines. 

Pro – Tip: Do Not Search For Your Company Name on Google and when you are #1 think you’d done something right. People who don’t know you DO NOT search your name because they don’t know it yet. People search for: “Drywall Company Salt Lake City” or “Lawn Care Company New Orleans” or “Best Solar Installer Park City” etc. 


Summary - Why Profeesional Website Design Matters - SEO

Hopefully it is clear to you why professional website design matters: SEO. 

Don’t “build your website and then do the SEO when it’s done.” 

This is EXACTLY the wrong way to go about designing a website. 

It would be like building a complete house, and then once you were done, trying to figure out how to install the electric wiring and plumbing. 

Nobody would do that right? 

But people do this every day with their website. 

And worse, their website design team doesn’t know enough about SEO to not let them do it in the first place. 

If you don’t plan your SEO into your website design, your SEO Company is going to need you to design more pages, more content, with more images. 

This can throw the design off. 

It can cost you more money when you have to go back to your website designer and ask them to change their design and add more pages, content, and images. 

And, you’ve lost time that your content could have been out there on the internet for search engines to find and index. 


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Tim VanDerKamp is Co-Owner of Stay Wild Digital Marketing. A Website Design Company in Salt Lake City Utah. They specialize in Website Design and SEO. 

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