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Why Use Google Ads

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Why Use Google Ads

To answer this question I thought I might tell you a story. When most people think of Louisiana, they think of New Orleans, Bourbon Street, Cajun Culture, or maybe LSU Football. But south of New Orleans…WAY south of New Orleans, if you knew it was there, and you could figure out how to get there, is an unmarked piece of land at the end of a dead end road, that sticks out nearly to the Gulf of Mexico. It is called Pointe Aux Chennes, which roughly means “Point of Oaks.” It isn’t a town… the original town has long since disappeared beneath the salt water intrusion. But what you can find there is some of the best fishing in the world (which is how I know about it). I wanted to go kayak fishing in the bayou, so I did a Google search for “kayak fishing rental near me” and found this lone marina in a lost place called Pointe Aux Chennes. And me being me, I went down there.


What primarily makes fishing good, is clean water, proper habitat, good tidal flow, and the presence of bait schools. This means that if you want to catch redfish or speckled trout, you need to be able to find the shrimp, because that is where the fish will be. Pointe Aux Chenne is LOADED with shrimp. In fact, the shrimp are so plentiful AND so predictable, that the shrimp fishermen decided it wasn’t necessary to drive a shrimp boat up channels and backwater areas and drag it with nets. Instead, they drove wooden pilings into the mud, mounted a deck on top of them, and then built fish nets on both sides of their new platform, and they simply lower the nets into the water when the shrimp run. They don’t have to go anywhere. They just lower their nets in the water, and catch all the shrimp they can handle as they drift by them on the tide.

So what exactly does this have to do with Google Ads you ask? Everything! Because Google Ads are EXACTLY like those shrimp docks sitting out there in the water in Pointe Aux Chennes. There are roughly sixty MILLION searches a minute worldwide on Google. Human behavior is SO CONSISTENT – AND SO PREDICTABLE online, that now all you need to do is drop your nets in the right spot, and catch customers as they “drift by.” They are already out there searching for what YOU SELL, you just need to make sure you get in front of them, catch them, and turn them into sales. That is PRECISELY what Google Ads do. Every second, every minute, of every day, people are trying to find what YOU SELL by typing words into the Google Search Bar. All you have to do is set your “nets” in the water. That’s it. You don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to go to meetings. You don’t have to make phone calls. You don’t have to send e-mails. You can literally set up your Google Ads, turn them on, and adjust them until your inbound traffic becomes consistent and predictable.

To summarize, get your nets in the water. People are searching Google right now for what you sell. Make sure they can find you. And then – watch your sales come in, and enjoy the outcome of your efforts.

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